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Shops & Cafes

Flavor Factory "Tezukuri-kobo" Hand made bakery, deli & Gift Shop

Location: Between the Country Flower Shop and the Pets-de-nonne Café & Sweets

Hours of Operation: 10:00am - 7:50pm every day

*Bakery features Spain and European style sweet and savory creations with some Japanese steadfast baked favorites
*Delicatessen with an impressive variety of hams, sausages and smoked goods produced "on site" and imported from around the world.
*Cheese corner with over 200 cheeses, pates & crackers - convenient ready to consume variety packs available
*Slow foods (Japanese & European)
*17 varieties of jams, 20 types of honey from: Japan, Spain, Chile, Canada & New Zealand

Books & Cafe

Books & Cafe

Location: Between the Hotel Tokinosumika and the FIFA Soccer Field

Hours of Operation: 10:00am - 7:00pm every day

Enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee with a good book beneath the towering trees and statues. Topics ranging from: Gardening, Interior Design, Poems, Arts and Crafts. All books in Japanese and mostly non-fiction.

*Cakes (6 varieties) all made to go well with your coffee or tea. Featuring flavors like : Chocolate, Tea, Sesame sponge, Tiramisu and a selection of cheese cakes.

*Coffees: Lattes, Cappuccinos, Blended, Milk & Coco ( hot & cold ) ranging from 360yen to 470yen

*Enjoy a set that includes your choice of beverage and your choice of: Nan pizza, Nan hot dog or a ham and basil wrap for only 500yen!!

*Eat in or take out!

Tokinosumika Wood & Tree Museum

Location: Between the Hotel Tokinosumika and the Grand Table Restaurant.

Hours of Operation: 900am-7:00pm every day April to October and 9:00am–6:00pm November to March

Entrance fee: Adults 500yen and children free (Elementary school and younger)

Stroll quietly through the more than 230 original works of art by this famous Japanese artist Maejima Hideyaki. Your senses will come alive with the sights and natural aromas of wood. Sculptures ranging from as small as 30cm to a one ton Elephant!

*Walk through a hollowed out giant ancient spruce tree to the Books Café where you will enjoy some sculptures that reach as high as 6 meters!

Country Flower Shop

Location: Between the Kogen Hotel and the Flavor factory Bakery & Deli

Hours of Operation: 9:30am - 7:00pm every day (except 6:00pm on rainy days)

*An explosion of colors, sweet aromas and charm
*Lots of garden ideas for the home ranging from trees, vegetables and flowers to hanging baskets
*All “very” reasonably priced to match this country setting

Souvenir Shop "Usagi-Ya"

Location: Between the Hotel Tokinosumika and the Grand Table Restaurant
Hours of Operation: 10:00am - 7:45pm every day (sometimes later if it’s busy)

Natural wooden creations featuring many woodland creatures you can buy to accentuate your office or home. Come see a good selection of original chop sticks and bowls all hand made with real Japanese wood from Nagano Prefecture. Find that perfect souvenir for that someone waiting at home. Bring the kids and have a look!
  • *Decorate your home or brighten up your kitchen with original wooden sculptures
  • *Also a wide variety magnets you can put on your fridge or walls (with a tack)
  • *Original Wind chimes

Pottery House “Somei – Yoshino”

Location: Between the Slow House Villas and the Chame–Yudonno Hot springs

Hours of Operation: By reservation only Tel: 0550-87-5773 (from one person to 30 people!)

Entrance fee: 1kg of Clay for 4000yen (enough for a plate or bowl) 500 grams of Clay for 2500yen. ( enough for a cup)

  • Note* It may take up to a month to receive your creation as the Kiln times for firing vary.
  • Create your own masterpiece with real Japanese”Shigaragi” Clay! Your imagination is the limit and good fun for the whole family.
  • *The master artist speaks Japanese only so bring your sign language and an open mind and let the art flow from you!

Japanese Traditional Restaurant “Chame”

Location: Between the Slow House Villas and the Hotel Tokinosumika

Hours of Operation: April to October; 11:00am~10:00pm (Last order; 9:00pm) November to March; 11:00am~9:00pm (Last order; 8:30pm)

Enjoy old style architecture and traditional flavors in an authentic old style atmosphere. An extensive menu of Japanese favorites that changes with the seasons. You and your guests can enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine and the real atmosphere of old Japan.

  • *Guests of the Chame-Yudono hot springs can simply walk there wearing their “Yukatas” or Japanese robes, enjoy a meal and return to the springs
  • *The best river Eel in town!

Hotel Tokinosumika's "Tembou" Restaurant

Location: in the “Kira-kubo” Hot springs on the second floor in the Hotel Tokinosumika

Hours of Operation: 11:00am - 10:00pm (Last order 9:30pm) every day

A great venue for families and groups to enjoy a casual lunch or dinner. A reasonably priced menu with appetizers, beer, and assorted alcohols available.

  • *You must be registered in the hotel or have purchased a hot springs pass to get access to this restaurant
  • *No need to dress up just wear your “Yukata” from your room or the hot springs
  • *Reservations recommended. Parties later than 30min from their reservation time may
    have their reservations cancelled.

Robins -no- Musume Casual French and Italian

Location: Lobby Floor of the Kogen Hotel “B. U.”

Hours of Operation:
Lunch time : 11:00 am - 3:00pm
Tea time : 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Dinner time : 5:00pm - 9:00pm
every day (sometimes later if it’s busy)

Enjoy this casual French and Italian restaurant with a relaxing atmosphere. A great place to meet friends or hold business meetings with coffee in this convenient location. An extensive ala carte menu, but take advantage of the superb lunch and dinner buffets with an above average gourmet selection to choose from. Kids and adults alike will be thrilled with the chocolate fountain fondue dessert!

  • *Hotel guests only may enter for their breakfast buffet